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Talent Strategy

(1) Vision

Based on personnel management, with modern human resource management as the means, human capital operation as the goal, improve the modern human resource management infrastructure, enrich the professional and professional human resource management talent team, and build a modern human resource development and management system. Integrate resources, activate capabilities, build the company into intelligence, increase the value of human capital, continuously improve its strategic execution capabilities, and gather high-spirited and hopeful talents.

(2) Guiding ideology

Fully implement the strategy of strengthening the enterprise through talents, implement the scientific concept of development, accelerate the promotion of professional capabilities of human resources, and firmly grasp the three links of cultivating, attracting and using talents, speed up the pace of building talent teams, and alleviate the shortage of talents. Provide talent support for the company's development.

(3) Working principles

First, adhere to the principle of fairness and equality.

Second, adhere to the principle of people-oriented.

Third, adhere to the principle of combining talent development strategy with the development strategy of the group company.

Fourth, adhere to the principle of unified planning and hierarchical classification management.

Fifth, adhere to the principle of clear responsibility and cooperation.

(4) Main measures

1. Establish a correct view of talents.

First, respect for cultural knowledge, culture is the foundation of development, knowledge is the driving force for development, enterprises without culture are difficult to long-term, and enterprises without knowledge are difficult to move.

The second is to respect talents, use talents, and establish a good development platform to enable them to do their best to make the best use of their talents.

The third is to achieve the goal of achieving sustainable development of people, strengthen the concept of Yum! talents, and promote the coordination of talent team building and enterprise development.

2. Establish and improve the talent management model.

The first is to broaden the selection and employment of people, and do a good job in attracting talents.

Second, we must constantly improve the dynamic management of talents and guide the rational flow of talents.

The third is to focus on capacity building and vigorously strengthen talent education and training.

The fourth is to gradually establish and improve the employee withdrawal mechanism.

3. Establish and improve the incentive mechanism for talent growth.

It is necessary to establish and improve the use and treatment mechanism for employees to use their ability to improve their use and determine the income distribution based on the contribution of their work performance.

First, improve the professional title system and vocational skill hierarchy system for talent training. Intensify the ability to set the level, promote the promotion, and encourage more employees to improve their work ability.

The second is to vigorously promote the salary system with fixed salary, ability to set wages, and contribution to pay.

(5) Talent compensation plan

1. Principles of salary design

The first is the principle of fairness. The principle of fairness is the basis of the compensation system. Only when employees recognize the fairness of the compensation system, can they generate a sense of identity and high satisfaction, in order to generate incentives for compensation.

The second is the principle of competition. To cultivate talents with real competitiveness, we must constantly improve and update the compensation system that is attractive to talents and competitive in the same industry.

The third is the principle of incentives. Responsibility and work enthusiasm of employees should be motivated through the compensation system.

The fourth is the economic principle. The company should mainly consider the reasonable capacity of the company and the reasonable accumulation of profits.

The fifth is the principle of law. In line with national policies and laws and regulations.

2. Special compensation plan

First, the management and management talent compensation plan. Management talents are the backbone of the Group's management efficiency and the company's strategic goals, and the most positive factor in the company's development. The middle-level salary should be determined by taking the medium-to-high price of the market or the same industry as the reference standard and considering the actual operating status of the company.

Second, the professional and technical personnel compensation plan. Professional and technical talents are the most powerful driving force for productivity. The strength of science and technology is the core of enterprise strength. The strength of professional and technical talents is the core of scientific and technological strength. Accelerating the cultivation of scientific and technological talents is the foundation of strong enterprises. It is necessary to improve their salaries. It is necessary to combine the actual operation of the company, make overall plans, and formulate a special compensation plan.

Third, the operational skills talent compensation plan. Operational skills talents are direct implementers of productivity and an indispensable force for technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Under the guidance of the principle of overall planning and balancing, the technical workers' compensation system will be standardized, and the high-skilled personnel will be tilted. The growth rate of senior technicians and first-line outstanding employees will increase.

3. Salary cashing

Salary is a major event that affects the vital interests of employees. How to maximize the role of salary incentives is the focus of talent work. The company must strengthen the management of labor wages. It must be open, fair and just, and pay well on the basis of assessment and assessment. Deliver work.

4, the concept of employment

"On the ability, the flat let, the mediocrity", the company breaks the boundaries between cadres and workers in the management and use of talents. The only thing is to use it. With its strength, it has formed an effective competition mechanism for many years. The company's practical actions of attaching importance to talents have enabled a large number of talents with real talents to gather in the company and form a rich talent chain. With the company's new science and technology project construction and the continuous development of new products, the company pays more attention to the introduction and cultivation of scientific and technological talents. In recent years, a group of engineering and technical personnel with expertise have been hired to work for the company or part-time, and some have been entrusted with Heavy responsibility, as the company's main leader. Every year, the company also pays attention to selecting a group of outstanding graduates with excellent professional knowledge and high comprehensive quality from various colleges and universities to make the talent chain connect and supplement. While introducing a large number of talents, the company pays more attention to the training of new employees, so that a large number of outstanding talents can stand out and become the backbone of professional technology that loves Haoyu, roots in the world, and dedication to the cause.

The company has established a sound talent introduction and training mechanism, and has a dedicated human resources management department. It has also issued relevant regulations on human resources management. The employment, appointment, dismissal, assessment, and rewards of employees have rules to follow. The company adheres to democracy, openness, competition, and merit, and incorporates the introduction and use of talents into a virtuous cycle. It gives political status, economic benefits, development opportunities, and creates a relatively stable and pro-growth environment for talent survival. Thereby creating a talented team with high quality, fine business and strong ability, which provides a solid intellectual backing for the development of the enterprise!