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Work Instructions and Procedure of After-sales Service Center

I. After-Sales Service Phone:

(0086)400 -656-5269, 01346529111

II. Work Procedure of After-Sales Service Center

i. On Receiving Phone: The after-sales center shall fill in the Customer's Information Registration Form in terms of such details as customer name, living area, contact methods, encountered problems in use, tire number, and address immediately after receiving a call;

ii. The marketing director or the service department director shall be informed with 15 minutes from receiving the call;

iii. The service department director shall work out solutions to the reported problem within one hour from being informed, and ask the service department employee to pass on the solutions to the customer;

iv. The response shall be given to the customer within two hours from receiving the call.

v. Service Standards:

The head shall carry out a quality problem assessment on the customer's premise within 24 hours for any quality-caused problem. If the quality problem is covered under the “Three-Guarantee" term, the claim shall be settled according to the set standard, with an allowablemisjudgment rate of 5%. If any dispute arises, the technical department shall be contacted for help without delay. For whatever reason, the job must be done within 36 hours.

vi.Give Callback:

Afterwards, the service department director shall inform the service center of the problem solving process and results in time, and leave the employeewho receives the problem-reporting call to give a callback to the caller, and to record the whole event.

III. Service Quality Assessment Criteria

i. The servicedepartment employeewho receives the call shall hold primary responsibility for coordination with other concerned departments in the whole process and the callback. If the job is done overdue, the service department will be fined RMB 200 and the employeereceiving the call RMB100 each time.

ii. If the Customer's Information Registration Form is inaccurately filled or improperly kept, the responsible employeeshall be fined RMB100 each time.

iii. For any complaint concerning unsatisfactory services for any reason or offending words uttered by regional heads, the service department director shall be fined RMB100.