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A thankful heart, a lengthy love ---- Chairman Zhu Yuncheng

A thankful heart, a lengthy love ---- Chairman Zhu Yuncheng

I was alone Kunming market research, finished back room breakfast alone, but also very persistent drizzle outside, which is due south of climate. A message from, let me 57-year-old age persons who are vague: "the boss, a business trip must pay attention to rest and diet, do not transition to drinking, do not forget your cholesterol is too high," inscribed in the company's production vice president Xu Shanyi . Yes ah, why for many years with my wife every day, accompanied by Tao Tao has not caught my attention, plain text, but the floodgates opened my mind, the idea of ​​visiting customers instantly vanished, so off to lie, gratitude wells up. The road of life twists and turns, I do not know how many difficulties and obstacles, setbacks and even failures, in the midst of these difficulties, it was warm hands reached out to me, remove the hardship of life in the lost time, a friend told me over to help, clear way forward, in my low time, who still shoulder, my body Qingqi, memories of climbing the peak of life, the precipitation of a cherished thoughts of love waiting to well up heart.

Thanksgiving party and the government has given me sight of the concern and care -

After retirement in 2009 I started creating Rubber Co., Ltd. Shandong Hao Yu, and the pain and suffering just their own business I know, when he was mayor of West Dawang Makiyama comrades, not only from me into the spirit of courage and strength to help me project, environmental assessment and land acquisition. Recall once looking for land west mayor when he was in Dongying Party School, sent a text message on my "bold dry, party committee and government backing," when two years, this message still my cell phone, I am overcome difficulties and become, never say die spirit of the pillar. Guangrao county party secretary, Zhao Hao Chi three times in person, being, in a timely manner to resolve my problems during the project preparation. Guangrao County Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank of leadership, I extend a warm hand to give me the project has injected fresh blood. Dawang Comrade Wang Guowen current secretary of the company many times to understand the development of enterprises, technology development, market operation and other issues, in-depth business and stronger and I learn the key core technology and brand awareness, on May 18 this year, the National Tire Distribution Company Business held a "brand strategy seminar," Secretary Wang in his busy schedule to participate in the meeting and delivered a warm speech, witnessed the meeting, "one business enterprises, joint-stock cooperative, regional buy-out, and benefit and win-win" Distribution commercial site funded scene spoke highly of the return of county leaders to get Guangrao leaders recognized this marketing model, Technology Bureau of Cuiju Zhang, Liu Juchang County Council by the letter have given policy support and help.

Party and government care, so I deeply understand why the rapid development of enterprise Guangrao, and develop the core issue is not only for the enterprise party committee and government to create a good environment for the growth and plans for the enterprise, escort, really like a mother care babies camel worked hard for our entrepreneurs. Thanks to all the leaders concerned about helping my company to create a factory and put into operation five months, "Cosmos speed." Party forever, so I deeply understand, during the war years, the forward direction of the party to guide us, in times of peace is the party's concern for feeding our growth.

Thanksgiving my customers and suppliers, raising my family and the company -

Three more than a set of rubber and tire marketing career in the domestic tire industry met many friends, and even many become friends. When I intend to call to consult their own business, I really understand the true meaning of friends, the tire business in recent decades because of their domestic market conditions, market analysis and market outlook has its own unique perspective, and some help My analysis of product positioning, market positioning, and some give me a plan how to choose the business model out of Guangrao, to brands, even as the Hunan Bridge Best Tire Company Ltd. He Fang Jian, Yu Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhou Dehua offered to pay help me, cause I made them a firm confidence, adding to my passion to pursue their careers, and go right to choose the product differentiation and brand development, development.

Founded in May 2010 celebration of the first year of plant, the company held its first dealer forum, Nanjing, three tires, Chairman Chen Hongxi, Henan Xin Dong, chairman of Eastcom Tire Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Fu wheel tires Company Ltd. Shen Memorial, they have five or six years old of age and still busy person, and even many of the tire business community together new friends to participate in our conference, the forum had expected the number of people 80 to 150 person, three-day conference ripe to establish a national sales network. I deeply suffered the bitterness and tired to run the market, especially the intense competition in the market of today, customer development, product distribution, marketing services, the recovery of funds and even the concept of product promotion, marketing channel management, safety of funds entangled with the boss all the time heart, worked hard day and night, sleepless nights, the war of words, swords, and the market is such a cruel temper, but when we Cosmos products a car a car into the country in all directions, when a sum of money over into the company account time, effort and sweat of their upbringing with my company, is expanding their use of risk and wisdom of my company, only today flourishing, thriving and prosperous new situation.

2011, the company's new 200 million sets of all-steel radial tire production project, the bottleneck is the time to consider funding, but a lot of large equipment manufacturers are also my friends, like Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. Lin Ju manager , Inc. Wang Jiandong soft control manager, Lin Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Xu Muxian chairman, Shenyang Blue British industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd., Hong-Sheng Guo, chairman of the device give the largest payment help and support to ensure the smooth implementation of new projects.

"A hero 3 help," I have attended Liu a second "marketing wisdom" training course, who today is the success of me? Is not that in times of crisis when the assistance of my friend? Is not that confusing time in a direction to my friend? Enterprises, though small, plant a short time, but they let me know only good ideas and ideas for marketing, product and service market mentality, expand the business goal is not very far, the market economy 大鱼吃小鱼has passed, fast fish eat slow fish time has come.

Thanksgiving my peers and colleagues, into my passion and courage -

In the past saying about "peer is the enemy ', but I think is worthy of my peers to learn and respect the first teacher. Guangrao is a base for the tire industry, business owner has its advantages and worth learning, in the course of the project to build the extension Wanhua Group Chairman Kim, three Thai Group Chairman LIU Zhan a, Heng Group Chairman Tianjia Li, Shengtai Group Chairman Song Shide , China curtain Group Chairman Zhang Guiyi these big company bosses have given me sight of the help and providing risk guarantees, and even their experience with the mature and the detours of the lessons to guide me, I am more afraid of detours cause human and financial resources to waste, very simple language, "gourmet, you can not afford to toss", I appreciate it. Santai Group chairman Liu financial obstacles I encounter, he generously once to help nearly 10 million, adding a "use of money, I find that highly of me," this sentence is to me a little comfort and care ah! Jinyu Group Chairman extended Wanhua timely, timely use of funds to help solve the 20 million project, Hengyu Group field is always treated me with his own companies, from the technical team to the management team, provide financial support for my full range of services.

Hao Yu is a babbling child, accompanied by the health care and love was able to grow up, they remind each heartfelt earnest, well-intentioned advice so that I not only learned to do things, more people know what to do, how to success other people, how with a generous heart to treat my employees, how to repay the society, is not this the mentality of a boss with a high degree of state do!

Thanksgiving my team and employees to improve my level and power -

Two years of hard start, poor working conditions, poor living environment to rest, low wages, work is great, my team for their dedication and threw himself in the eyes, pain in the heart. Executive vice president Li Jingquan been frail, but no white without the Black Lands war at the site, 5 am to 8 pm adhere to the 500 days and nights, irregular eating, weight down to 105 pounds; financial vice president Zhang Baoguo give up big Group generous treatment to hard Hao Yu, project funds are not ball dropped to two, do everything possible to rack their brains to find ways to run Qingdao, the Jinan, Dongying, ran back and forth in the major banks; production unit had invested Deputy Xu Shanyi 180,000 yuan paid employment, he threw himself into annual income of less than half the Cosmos to display their talent; my technical team Wangfeng Li Zhu Wantao couple has the inauguration of several tire factory, came to the Cosmos after the real family feel the warmth of Hao Yu passion and entrepreneurial work environment, resolutely decided Cosmos is our home, is the last stop of our work, engineers Wang Zhuanji wholeheartedly in the work, the rest have given up holidays, which his father died of a genius back to 500 km outside the home Please only have three days off the tears drip into his chin, thinking they also have a family, ah, why such a harsh environment and low income but who are still no regrets, with me through thick and thin to tackle tough, pull arm counterparts do?

I thank Yu Hao into every employee, you have come to life Hao Yu, with vigor, although the harsh conditions, they have to suffer for your pride, quietly working. When I came to curing workshop, workshop employees working in high temperatures, sweating, clothing and body stick together, but energetic, support staff college graduates came to work the tire warehouse handling, loading, etc. are commonplace * However, the staff quarters have no TV air conditioning, the staff of life is also very monotonous, I recall, what complaints do right or wrong to judge people?

Thanksgiving away from me my staff, their resignation touched my heart, because of my condition from the large gap between their demands, I added the well-being of people with power and responsibility; I bravely put forward different views on Thanksgiving staff, he made me understand the deep gap between employees and need to gradually warm and fairly smooth; my gratitude from Shaanxi, Jilin poor areas far from their loved ones alone drifting out of the staff, he let me know the company to apartment buildings built as early as possible, so that they can achieve the happiness of family reunion destination; I am grateful just to work our students, he asked me to add more courage to put up their value and achieve the dream of development platform. The development of enterprises rely on the staff, but when every employee into the Cosmos of the day, not just the arrival of a person, their whole family over to me, I want to make every effort to help the whole family to prosperity, to happiness, social harmony and the goal will be achieved. Long way to go, and the duty, I have to staff a stronger Cosmos, the biggest meet their spiritual needs and material needs, so that every employee stay on the tower, opened on the car, the children get a good education, the elderly happy and healthy, then I no longer regrets.

Perhaps, changes in competition in the market today, each boss every day of the crisis in a strong environment to fight, to strive, to seek ways to survive, no time to settle down, to sort out the people who care about you and help you. Today, I finally issued a health reason, Thanksgiving is a state, a mind, a great responsibility.

Finally, I grateful my wife and children, their understanding, care, support and help I was able to realize the value of life and dreams, they make me more understand the responsibility and mission.

I am not alone, and realize their dreams and happiness in the future!